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Australian opal ring repair with damaged opal.
Repaired Australian opal inlay ring

Inlay Jewelry Repair Work

Eventually, everyone will need repairs done to their inlay rings or jewelry, whether the damage is from everyday wear and tear or from a one time accident. The important thing is to get your inlay jewelry repair started as soon as possible. Wearing your inlay jewelry in a damaged state, especially damaged inlay rings, will only lead to bigger and more expensive inlay repairs or stone loss. Once an inlaid stone has a crack in it, water, oils, lotions or other liquids can seep in through the crack to the epoxy. The epoxy is the only thing holding the stones securely in the mounting so any damage can be catastrophic.

Penetration by water or other chemicals may affect the bond between the inlaid stone and the mounting, allowing some or all of the inlay to fall out. Because each stone is epoxied to the next, the inlaid stones depend on the bond from stone to stone as well as their bond to the bottom and sides of the inlay channel. It is vital to the structure of the whole inlay section of the jewelry that all pieces be intact and securely epoxied in the channel. If your inlay jewelry is accented by faceted gemstones set in prongs, they should be checked yearly to make sure they are not worn or bent, possibly resulting in the gemstones coming loose.  Channel set stones may loosen over time and should be checked periodically as well.

Closely inspect your inlay jewelry (especially inlay rings) on a regular basis. If your eyesight is not what it used to be, buy a magnifying glass or take your jewelry to a local jeweler and have them take a look at it under magnification. If your inlay jewelry needs repair, return it to a professional lapidary for repairs- that's us! Most jewelers are not experts in lapidary work and do not have the materials on hand to repair your special inlay jewelry. Avoid any potential headaches, overcharging and damage to your jewelry by having a qualified lapidary work on your inlay jewelry.  Use the form below to start the process.

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