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We love to work with our clients to create custom jewelry designs that are both unique and within budget.  Over the years we have done hundreds of custom jewelry designs including engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets and pendants. The custom design process typically starts with communicating with the client, either by phone or email, to establish an understanding of exactly what the project entails.  Details such as the client's style wishes, preferred materials and budget need to be clear so we can move on to the next phase of the project.  The next step usually involves a design sketch or possibly a CAD rendering of the initial design concept.  If any changes or tweaks are needed, they can be easily done at this stage.  Once the custom design is approved we are ready to create a wax model of the design that can be cast in the desired metal.  Some designs can be carved by hand and others are either too complex  or require a great amount of precision and must be done by a machine such as a 3D printer or CAM milling machine.  We like to send photos of the wax model to the client at this stage because it helps to see the scale and proportions in 3D form and confirm that the jewelry design is exactly like they imagined.  The wax will now be cast in the customer's chosen metal.  Metal options include silver, gold, stainless steel and platinum and we can help you determine which metal would be best for your design based on durability, style, color and budget.  Now we are ready to move forward with sanding and polishing the metal, setting the gemstones and completing any inlay. This  is the most time intensive part of the process and could take several weeks depending on our workload and the client's due date.  You probably won't hear much from us during this time because we will have our heads down working on your project.  We usually contact our clients a day or two before the project is complete to let them know when their jewelry will be shipped and confirm the shipping address if necessary.  The whole custom jewelry design process can take much longer than our typical production time for a stock item so please allow plenty of time for us to complete your custom design. We recommend allowing 6 to 8 weeks for design and production of your project.  We also require prepayment on all custom design work.  Contact us to get started on your dream jewelry design today!

Custom Turquoise and Moissanite Ring

custom ring design sketch
Custom ring wax carving
Custom ring casting in sterling silver
Custom turquoise and moissanite ring

Custom Triangle Ring with Lapis, Turquoise and Lab Opal

custom ring design sketch
Custom CAD ring design
Custom Triangle RingDesign
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