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What could be more unique than having a handmade dinosaur bone wedding ring inlaid with fossilized bone that is millions of years old?  Hileman Inlay Jewelry has a great selection of  dinosaur bone wedding rings in sterling silver, Continuum silver, 14 karat gold, stainless steel and platinum.  All of our inlaid dinosaur bone wedding rings are customizable so if the rings are shown in gray bone and you prefer red, we would be happy to substitute a different dinosaur bone color for you.  If you would like to switch the center gemstone or stones in any ring design, we would be happy to work with you to create your ideal wedding ring.  Some changes may be upgrades so contact us for a quote before purchasing.  Dinosaur bone inlay color options available are grays, reds, earth tones, white, and pinks with various webbing patterns.  All of our fossilized dinosaur bone is sourced from reputable dealers and was collected from the Four Corners area of the southwest United States.

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