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Who would have ever thought that fossilized dinosaur bone could be used to create such beautiful dinosaur bone jewelry or that it could be found in so many beautiful colors?  We have been fascinated with dinosaur bone since cutting our first chunk of bone years ago and it's no wonder so many of our customers share the same fascination for dinosaurs and our dinosaur bone rings.  How cool is it to be able to wear a pendant or a ring inlaid with agatized dinosaur bone that is 150 million years old!  Gem dinosaur bone is both rare and beautiful with only a small percentage of bones completing the process to become a highly agatized dinosaur fossil suitable for jewelry.  Top quality fossilized bone can be found in a wide range of colors but the most popular colors used for dinosaur bone jewelry are blue, red and gray.  We take a different approach with our technique for our inlay ring designs than most jewelers.  We prefer to inlay the bone in individual sections across the top of the band rather than one continuous piece going all the way around the ring.  This allows for some size adjustment without damaging the inlay and simple replacement of just one section of the dinosaur bone should it be become cracked or broken.  Our dinosaur bone bands make great wedding rings and we would be happy to make you and your partner a matching wedding set inlaid with the dinosaur bone of your choice.  We have many  styles available with accent gemstones such as diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires, Moissanite and other colorful gems.  If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, our exotic dinosaur bone engagement rings are a perfect choice for someone looking for something more exciting than a gold and diamond engagement ring.  We have dinosaur engagement rings for every budget in sterling silver, white or yellow gold, and platinum.  We are happy to work with you to create the perfect custom wedding band or engagement ring inlaid with any color dinosaur bone see if you don't find exactly what you are looking for in our listed stock items.

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