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Lab opal engagement ring with sparkling moissanite set in sterling silver. This beautiful opal engagement ring is inlaid with vibrant blue-green laboratory grown opal. The ring is 6.5mm wide at the top is shown in a size 7 for scale. The ring has 3 pieces of lab opal inlaid on each side of a bezel set Moissanite. The .70 carat round moissanite is set almost flush, giving the engagement ring a sleek low profile. Moissanite is a laboratory created gemstone with more brilliance than a diamond and is almost as hard (9.25-9.5 on Moh's scale). Moissanite is an affordable, conflict free and eco friendly alternative to a diamond without sacrificing beauty or durability. There are other options for the center gemstone as well as other options for the inlay if the opal and moissanite combination is not for you.

Special orders usually take 4 to 6 weeks to complete so please schedule your order to allow us plenty of time to create your ring and ship it to you.

Engagement ring style CS030
Metal: Sterling silver (also available in white or yellow gold, Continuum silver)
Gemstone: .70 carat Moissanite
Inlay: Lab created opal