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Ring style M207 is a fairly wide men's inlay ring design and does a great job of showing off the inlaid stones, especially stones with patterns like dinosaur bone, spiderweb turquoise and opal.  The M207 is 9.2mm wide at the top and tapers to 4.8mm at the bottom.  It's a great choice for men with a finger size of 10 or under.  It is important for wider ring styles to have your finger size measured with a wide ring sizer so the size you order will be accurate.  Wider rings typically feel a little more snug in the same ring than a narrow band so you might need a larger size in a wide band.  Please get your finger sized by a jeweler if possible.  For larger finger sizes, we would recommend ring style M210 because it is a heavier weight casting and can easily be made in large sizes.  Prices shown (unless otherwise noted) are for standard sterling silver with Continuum silver316L stainless steelgold and platinum being upgrades.  If you are purchasing a silver ring for daily wear, we highly recommend upgrading to Continuum silver.  It will provide greater durability and is tarnish resistant.  All of the rings below are available in any of the inlay materials you see on our website and we welcome any customization ideas you have.

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