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Dinosaur Bone Rings by Hileman


Our men's inlay wedding bands are available in a variety of widths and styles.  All of our men's wedding ring designs have specific style numbers that refer to the mounting only.  The style numbers for our men's rings all begin with "M" followed by a number or in some cases "MD", referring to men's rings with diamonds or some other gemstone accenting the inlay.  Every ring mounting design is a blank slate that can be inlaid with the stones of your choice.  Select the ring width you feel will be the most comfortable for daily wear and select the metal that fits your budget and needs.  Sterling silver is the least expensive option but is also the softest precious metal and will not have the lifespan of a harder metal.  We do offer Continuum silver as an upgraded silver option that is tarnish resistant and more durable than standard sterling silver.  It's a small upgrade fee and we highly recommend it.  Gold or platinum is great option for better durability but will be substantially more than the base silver price.  Pricing for the gold or platinum upgrade varies based on ring size and ring style so we will need your finger size and preferred style to give you an accurate quote.  Another budget friendly option that provides great durability is 316L stainless steel.  It's very tough, wears extremely well and is hypoallergenic.  We have a lot of options for inlay materials for your wedding band including dinosaur bone, lab created opal, turquoise, black onyx, sugilite, chrysoprase, black fossil coral and many more.  Contact us with any customization requests!

Men's Lapis Wedding Ring

Style M200 (Original)
6.1 MM Band

Ring style M200 (original) is one of our most popular wedding ring options.  The ring is 6.2mm wide at the top with a slight taper toward the bottom.  The original M200 is best for smaller finger sizes because it isn't as hefty as the new M200. 

Dinosaur Bone Ring in Sterling Silver

Style M206 (Original)
7.5 MM Band

Ring style M206 (original) is a medium width band.  The ring is 7.5mm wide at the top and tapers down to about 4.6mm at the bottom giving it a little more tapered look than the new M206.  It is a little lighter weight than the new M206 and would be great for men with finger sizes 10 or under.  Larger sizes might want to consider the new M206.


Dinosaur bone ring for men in sterling s

Style M210
10 MM Band

Ring style M210 is our widest inlay band for men and makes the inlay the star of the show.  The ring is 10mm wide at the top and tapers down to about 6.6mm at the bottom.  It's perfect for larger hands and will easily accommodate large finger sizes.  If you are under a size 9 you might want to consider the M207 as an alternative.


Stainless steel dinosaur bone wedding ring.jpg

Style M200 (New)
6.4 MM Band

Ring style M200 (new) is a beefed up version of the original M200.  We recommend the new version if you are a size 10 to 14 and are selecting silver as your metal option.  It measures 6.5mm at the top and tapers very slightly to 5.7mm at the bottom.

Lab Created Opal Wedding Band by Hileman

Style M206 (New)
7 MM Band

Ring style M206 (new) is a comfortable width that has a wide enough inlay channel to really show off the stones.  The ring is 7mm wide at the top and tapers down slightly to about 5.5mm at the bottom.  This ring has more heft than the original M206 and is recommended for finger sizes 10 and over.  


M202 Turquoise Wedding Ring in Sterling Silver

Style M202
9.5 MM Band

Ring style M202 features an offset inlay channel where the metal area on one side of the inlay is wider than on the other giving it a unique look.  The ring is 9.5mm wide at the top and tapers down to about 6.5mm at the bottom.


Dark gray and light gray dinosaur bone r

Style M207
9.2 MM Band

Ring style M207 is one of our wider inlay wedding bands and really maximizes the look of the inlay.  It's great for stones with patterns like spiderweb turquoise and dinosaur bone.  The ring is 9.2mm wide at the top and tapers down to about 5mm at the bottom.  It's not as hefty as the M210 and is good for sizes under 11.  Larger sizes will want to move up to the M210.

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