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Ring style M200 is one of our most popular men's inlay ring designs and is a great choice for a unique men's wedding band.  At just over 6mm wide it is a nice width that is substantial but still comfortable for most hand sizes.  The M200 does taper slightly from the 6.2mm maximum width down to 5.8mm at the bottom.  This a nice heavy weight casting that will provide years of wear and allow for refinishing the metal multiple times without compromising the structural integrity of the ring.  The M200 is available in men's ring sizes from 8 to 14.  Sizes over an 11 may be an additional charge.  Prices shown are for standard sterling silver with Continuum silver, 316L stainless steel, gold and platinum being upgrades.  If you are purchasing a silver ring for daily wear, we highly recommend upgrading to Continuum silver.  It will provide greater durability and is tarnish resistant.  All of the rings below are available in any of the inlay materials you see on our website and we welcome any customization ideas you have.  

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